Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK
Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK

Funeral Letters


Funeral Letters are 12 inches each in size and are available in every letter.  Each individual letter is attached to a plastic bar which hold 3, 4, 5 letters.  They are pushed together to make longer words, enabling us to make any words.  The funeral director advises no more than 8 letters in any one piece to fit in the hearse.

Each letter is based in double chrysanthemum which are available in white, pink and yellow.  Alternatively mixed flowers can be used or single carnations but these do use more flowers making them slightly more expensive.  A single spray of flowers is normally added to each end of the word and in the middle if you wish  to finish the design.  They are ribbon edged in your choice of ribbon or foliage edged.

48 Hours notice is normally required for these pieces.

By dealing directly with us a local Leigh Florist considerable savings can be made.  We are not tied in  with any local Funeral Director which means our prices are considerably lower than they would charge.  We can offer a discount of 10% if 3 family funeral tributes are ordered.  Call us now 01942 606666 to discuss your requirements.  HOME APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE –  PLEASE TELEPHONE US FOR AN APPOINTMENT.

Please note we can only deliver to Leigh and surrounding areas – not throughout the UK and worldwide.

  Lea…. From £75.00

Each individual letter is priced from £25.00 each including a spray of flowers attached to two letters.  Because of fluctuating flower prices please telephone or email us for an exact cost of your chosen tribute.



Mum …..£75.00    










Tanya made in white chrysanthemum with red rose spray and purple ribbon edge





All of our work can be made in other flower choices …. please ask when ordering.  These are only a few examples of our work.


All our tributes are delivered FREE to local Funeral Directors


Nana ….£100.00      Mum…..£75.00





Ken made with white chrysanthemums and two red rose sprays at either end.  Edged with red ribbon.






Dad made with mixed flowers and foliage edge….£90.00 dependant on flowers used in design


Nan made in white chrysanthemum and two red rose sprays at each end.  Edged in red ribbon.







Mam made in white chrysanthemum and two red rose sprays at each end.  Edged with red ribbon






Niece made in white and pink chrysanthemum and pink ribbon edge……£135.00


Dad made in white chrysanthemum, yellow rose sprays at each end and edged with blue ribbon.


 Gran in white with pink roses….£112.00 

 Mumsy made in white chrysanthemum…..£125.00

  Nana in pink chrysanthemum with white ribbon edge and sprays …£100.00

 Mum in white with pink ribbon edge….£75.00



Jack made with white chrysanthemums and sprayed baby blue with lemon chrysanthemum dotted around the letters.  A yellow rose spray added at each end.  Edged with baby blue ribbon.


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Grandson made in white chrysanthemums, sprayed baby blue with lemon chrysanthemums dotted through each letter.  Edged with baby blue ribbon and one spray on first letter.












Nanny Irene…..£250









All Funeral Pieces are delivered FREE to any local Funeral Director.

We are guaranteed to be cheaper than any local Funeral Director and can offer a discount if 3 large funeral tributes are ordered (ie. letters or a family cross or casket spray and 2 other pieces such as a heart, cushion, pillow or wreath.) Please call us for further details.

All our designs on this website have been designed and made by us and are just a few pieces that we have made over the last 17 years in business.  If you would like an appointment in your own home to help you decide on a fitting tribute for your loved one just telephone us 01942 606666.


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We have had many recommendations to do pieces for customers all around the UK.  However this is not possible.  The sheer logistics of moving a major funeral piece from A to B would not be feasible.  They would have to be sent by carrier and we could not guarantee they would arrive in one piece.  We can only deliver our pieces to local areas per our delivery page.






For more information on any of our products or services, call us today on 01942 606 666 or email:

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