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Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK

Coffin Sprays


White lily and pink roses £165Coffin Sprays are suitable for on top of the coffin.  They are usually made to fit in the middle of the coffin but can be made in various sizes to your requirements from 3ft upwards.

As these designs are made to order please allow as much notice as possible (48 hours or more  is advisable to ensure availability.

Family Funeral Flowers can be expensive.  That’s because there is a lot of hours that go into one piece.   However, by dealing directly with us at Jacaranda you can be guaranteed to save money. If you order directly from the Funeral Director then the price he quotes for the floral tributes will include a significant cut just for arranging them. The flowers will be made by a florist but the funeral director will be adding on at least 30% maybe more as his commission.

You can avoid this by dealing direct with us – we have no cosy associations with any local Funeral Director. We made this decision  when we first started our business over 16 years ago, so that we can offer you a personal service at this sensitive time.  We are here to help and advise you on your individual needs.  All our flowers are ordered specially for the funeral and we do not use flowers that have to come to the end of their shelf life.   Call us now 01942 606666 to discuss your flowers.

Order 3 family pieces and we will give you a 10% discount.  We do not charge any delivery for funeral piece


Please note we can only deliver to Leigh and surrounding areas near our shop – not throughout the UK and worldwide.

Coffin Sprays
We can design your casket spray to your individual requirements ie. flower choice and colours.  Ribbon banners can be added if you wish.  They can be made in a single flower choice or mixed flowers and made from 3ft in length upwards. The final cost of the casket spray is dependant on the flowers used in the design and may be subject to change at peak periods.
Price Guide From £75.00 for 2ft to £200 upwards (5ft) includes FREE DELIVERY.  Total cost  depending on type of flowers used in each arrangement.
Red Rose Coffin Spray…..  approx. 5ft  From £170.00 (price may vary at peak periods)
Stunning best graded red roses and foliage in this coffin spray.
Ribbon banners can be added to the arrangement.
Red Rose & White Spider Chrysanthemum Coffin Spray….  approx 5ft ….£175.00
                                                                                                                             (price may vary at peak periods)
Stunning best graded red roses and cream spider chrysanthemum and foliage.
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Red Gerbera and White Coffin Spray….  approx 5ft…..£165.00
There are many types of flowers and people often find choosing a flower that was a favourite makes the spray more personal.  These designs are just a guide as to what is available.  We can help you choose the most fitting tribute just give us a call or email and we will do our best to help.
White Rose and Lily Coffin Spray…  approx 5ft….. From £165.00
White Anthurium Coffin Spray  Approx 5ft….. From £170.00
White anthuriums, lilies, lissianthus are just a few of the many white flowers used in this spray.
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White Gerbera  3ft Coffin Spray……From £135.00
White gerbera, roses, carnations and other seasonal flowers make up this beautiful spray.
Avalanche Rose  2ft Casket Spray…..From £75.00
Beautiful avalanche roses with a touch of pale pink flowers and foliage.  Suitable for a baby or young child. 
White Coffin Spray with 4 Red Roses…….  Approx 4ft…..£165.00
White stargazer lilies, white spray and single carnations, chrysanthemums and lissianthus and foliage.

Yellow Roses, Purple Lissianthus and White Lily Coffin Spray….Approx 5ft …. £175.00
A 5ft coffin spray filled with yellow roses, purple lissianthus, white stargazer lilies and spider chrysanthemum and foliage.
White Lily and Red Rose Coffin Spray…..£160.00
This coffin spray was made with mainly white lilies and white lissianthus with red roses going through the spray.
Avalanche Rose, Acontium and Orange Rose Coffin Spray…..  Approx 5ft….£155.00
A 5ft coffin spray filled with crisp cream avalanche roses, tiny orange roses, carnations, chrysanthemum, lemon tip foliage and blue aconitum flowers.
Aqua Rose, Gerbera and Anthurium Coffin Spray….  Approx 5ft …..£220
A 5ft coffin spray filled with beautiful Aqua Roses, White Gerbera, Anthuriums, lissianthus, and foliage.
Pink/White and Lilac Coffin Spray…..  Approx 5ft…..£150.00
A selection of pink roses, lilac freesia and white and pink lissianthus and foliage.
Pink Stargazer Lily Coffin Spray….   Approx 5ft  From …£155.00
A selection of pink stargazer lilies, white and lilac seasonal flowers make up this coffin spray.
Cerise Pink and Purple Coffin Spray…..  Approx 5ft….£170.00
Stunning pink stargazer lilies, purple lissianthus, pink roses and spray carnations and foliage.
Red/White and Blue 3ft Coffin Spray….£135.00
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Blue & Yellow Coffin Spray …..  Approx 5ft….£155.00
Seasonal delphiniums, yellow roses and white gerbera with white spider chrysanthemum make up this vibrant coffin spray.
Yellow Rose  5ft Coffin Spray…..£170.00
Best Quality Yellow roses and seasonal white flowers and foliage.
 Yellow/White and Blue Coffin Spray….   Approx 5ft….£165.00
Yellow Spider Chrysanthemum, Blue Delphiniums, Yellow Roses and White Carnations with lemon tip foliage.
White Lilies and Red Roses Coffin Spray …  Approx 5ft….£168.00
Coffin spray of red roses and white flowers
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Cerise/Blue and White Coffin Spray….  Approx 4ft  …£155.00
Roses, Lilies, Purple Veronica  and other seasonal flowers make up this coffin spray.
White Lily and Purple Lissianthus Coffin Spray…..  Approx 5ft….From £150.00
Summer Coffin Spray approx. 5ft …..£175.00
Seasonal summer flowers make up this fresh and vibrant spray.
White Lily & Pink Rose Coffin Spray….  Approx 5ft….From £165.00
Crisp white stargazer scented lilies, pale pink roses and white spray carnations and foliage.
White lily and pink roses £165 
Pink & White Coffin Spray….£170.00    Approx 5ft
Beautiful pink scented stargazer lilies, roses, carnations, chrysanthemum are just some of the flowers filled to the brim in this spray.
pink and whie coffin spray £165
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White Lily & Yellow Rose Coffin Spray….£165.00   
Crisp white stargazer lilies, yellow roses and white chrysanthemum and foliage.
 White Lily and Rose Spray
Yellow Gerbera Coffin Spray…..   Approx 5ft £165.00
yellow gerbera spray
Pink Rose and White flower 4ft Coffin Spray…..£145.00
A coffin spray approx 4ft made with pink roses, a few white lilies and white chrysanthemums, spray carnations and white roses and foliage.
White Longiflorium  Lily 4ft Coffin Spray……£120.00
A smaller coffin spray made with longiflorium lilies, white spray carnations, white chrysanthemums and foliage.
Smaller Coffin Sprays…..From £75.00
We can make your coffin spray to any size these are approx. 2 – 3ft .  The actual price depends on the flowers used in the spray.  Any combination of flowers and foliage can be arranged.
        White avalanche roses and red rose small coffin spray £80
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 All our arrangements can be made in your own choice of flowers and colours. 
Please try to give us as much notice as possible for funeral arrangements.   All flowers used will be ordered specially for the design.
 Telephone us now 01942 606666
or send us an email if you have missed us for the day – all our emails are answered in the evening if we are closed.
Small Casket Spray……From £70.00 – £100.00
If you would like a smaller casket spray to just cover the centre of the coffin rather than a full length one these can be made from £70.00 upwards depending on the content of flowers used.  This one was designed using white flowers with a touch of green shamrock.  They can be made in various flowers and colours to your individual requirements.
These pictures portray just a few of our designs…. telephone us or email us for more help and advice on choosing your tribute.
We endeavour to answer all our emails even when our business is closed for the day.
We have been trading in Leigh for over 14 years and are a family run shop offering our customers the best quality flowers available from all over the world delivered daily into our shop.

For more information on any of our products or services, call us today on 01942 606 666 or email:

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