Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK
Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK



Fresh Plants have a calming and balancing effect on the environment and breathe life into the home.  We always try and stock some unusual houseplants but sometimes 24 hours notice is required for a particular plant.  On this page are just a selection of what we can offer you.

A Phalaenopsis Orchid makes a stylish and long lasting gift and is surprisingly easy to care for. These best quality orchids are available in a wide variety of colours. They are presented in a matching ceramic pot and beautifully gift wrapped priced from £15.00 + delivery charge.

If you would like a more unusual plant why not choose an Anthurium  Exotic Houseplant  presented in matching ceramic pot and gift wrapped priced from £15.00 + delivery charge.  Alternative colours may be available.

Peace Lily – £15.00 + Delivery

Peace Lily is a fast growing plant and will stand up to most conditions even a draughty hallway (speaking from experience), mine gets knocked by our big black labrador every time he comes in the door and still survives.

Bromeliad – £12.00 + Delivery

Bromeliads are available in many different species the picture below is just one of many varieties we stock.  They don’t need much looking after, just top up the centre with tepid water when it dries out.  They flower from the centre and last quite well, but once the flower goes it very rarely flowers again.  All our plants are either presented in a matching ceramic pot or in a glass vase and gift wrapped.

For a more “green fingered gift” why not purchase a bespoke planted basket, filled with a variety of houseplants. Guide Price £30.00 including Leigh delivery.

Or perhaps an outdoor planter filled with seasonal plants.  Guide Price £35.00

We have a range of summer flowering outdoor plants in our shop which varies from week to week depending on the availability.  If you require a certain plant just give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you.


24 Hours notice may be required for some plants. Give us a call to check what we have available.

For more information on any of our products or services, call us today on 01942 606 666 or email:

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