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Flowers Delivered, Florists, Flower Shop, International Florists, Leigh, UK

Special Funeral Tributes


IMG_2652These funeral tributes are a small selection of designs we have made for our customers.

There are many individual tributes we can design for you in a selection of flowers and

colours, if you need any help choosing a specific design just email us or telephone us and

we will be only too happy to advise you on your personal tribute. We are offering a home appointment if you wish to order 3 items or more.  Just call us to arrange 01942 606666

As each invididual piece is crafted by hand, please give us at least 48 hours notice so that we may design  your personalised tribute.  Some designs need to be ordered from our wholesaler and can take up to 4 days to arrive or others are bespoke handcrafted designs, so the sooner you can let us know your requirements the more likely we are to get the tribute. 

 Please note we can only deliver flowers on our website to the delivery areas we cover and not throughout the UK and Worldwide

Gates of Heaven

A very popular arrangement depicting the gates of heaven made in chrysanthemums with a spray of  flowers to one side of the gates.   Ribbon edged and a Ribbon banner of lettering can be added.  Can be made in white, pink or yellow chrysanthemums and a your choice of spray.

Guide Price £125.00

      click on images to enlarge


Rabbit Tribute

A 3D Rabbit Tribute suitable for a baby or a childs funeral. Can be made in white and blue, white and

pink or white and lemon. Guide Price £200.00

Butterfly Tribute

This butterfly was made with orchids around the edge, spray carnations, cerise roses, cool water roses, white spray roses, gypsy and mini gerbera.

As pictured….£225.00

Butterfly Tribute….£195.00

The same tribute but made with chrysanthemum, freesia, gypsy and carnations with a few roses.  Lots of alternative colours and flowers are available for this design.






Horse Head Tribute….£155.00

A white horse head with black markings.






Cricket Bat…..£90.00

A cricket bat with red rose spray and red carnation ball. A ribbon banner with the name Syd was added.  This can be done in any word or name.






Beer Glass Tribute…..£100.00

A beer glass filled with chrysanthemums and a emblem with “John Smith” bitter made to the customer requirements.






Jamaican Flag Tribute…..£220.00

A very large design board filled with chrysanthemums and sprayed to the colours of the jamaican flag.






Estonia Flag Tribute…..£98.00

A 15 inch flag made in estonia colours.






Robin Tribute

A 3D garden robin tribute sat on a nest of twigs. This was designed specially for one of our customers recently.

Guide Price £100

     click on the images to enlarge


Musical Note……£75.00

A 15 inch base filled with white chrysanthemum and a black musical note in the centre.  The design was ribbon edged in black.  A ribbon with Friend and Neighbour was added.  Any words can be added.






White Dove……£130.00

A large white dove made from white chrysanthemums and white feathers added to the design.


Rugby Ball on Pitch

A rugby ball on a pitch made with chrysanthemums and foliage to any specific colour. Guide Price £100

Large Heart ……£130.00

A large 21 inch heart filled with white chrysanthemum and roses.  Other coloured roses can be used in this piece.



click on the images to enlarge




A domino with the double 9 in white roses.  12 inch wide by 24 inch long.  Any numbers can be made.







A Football Tribute made in white chrysanthemum with the diamonds sprayed in team colours based on a laurel foliage pitch.

Other team colours are available. Guide Price £98.00


Football Scarf

This scarf was designed specially in half Wigan Athletic colours and half Manchester City Colours.  Metal letters with Grandad was placed in the centre.  Any letters can be added either in metal or on a ribbon banner. This scarf can be made in any team colours. Guide Price £105.00


HGV Lorry

A HGV Lorry made in white and blue with DAD in flowers. Guide Price £200.00


Personalized HGV Lorry in red and white with KEN in flowers…..£200.00







This is made from chrysanthemums in a wide variety of colour choices. Guide Price £200.00

Train & Carriage

Suitable for a childs funeral. Can also be made in other colours. The Train is also available without the carriage.

Guide Price £220.00 (as illustrated)  Train Only £150.00

Teddy Bear

A flat teddy bear made from white chrysanthemums. Suitable for a girl or a boy with a ribbon bow or a centre flower spray. Or we can add a pink or blue waistcoat to the teddy in other flowers. Ribbon banner lettering can be added. Small Bear £65 Large Bear £75






Dartboard…..£90.00 16 inch  or  £100.00 18 inch

A dartboard tribute made in the traditional colours of the dartboard.  Made in either 16 inch or 18 inch.



Football Shirt/Rugby Shirt

Guide Price £100.00

   MUFC Shirt                    IMG_2652   St Helens Rugby Shirt


Pint of Guinness……£100.00

A pint glass shape filled with chrysanthemums sprayed black to look like Guinness. A Guinness symbol added to the design and the word Guinness in letters.






Microphone on a base…..£165.00

A base of white chrysanthemums with a black microphone in the centre and a single red rose in one corner.






Horseshoe Tribute

A Horseshoe tribute made in white chrysanthemums and red roses.  A ribbon banner can be added with any words.

Can be made in alternative colours. Guide Price From £100.00


Horseshoe Tribute…..£100.00

Made specially for my father in law who loved his bets! A ribbon with Jacko was inserted across the tribute as his grandchildren called him that.  Any name can be added to any of our designs.







A fish tribute on a board with a ribbon banner. Can be made in other colours.

Size Illustrated 24 inch x 24 inch. Guide Price £240.00


Fisherman with Rod

A Fisherman Tribute holding a rod with a fish.  Can be made in other colours.

Guide Price £250.00

Angel Tribute

An Angel made from white and pink chrysanthemums with centre spray and gold wings.

Can be made in a wide choice of colours and flowers and feather wings.  Guide Price £110.00

Cat Tribute

The cats were specially designed in specific colours for our customers but can be made in other colours.

Guide Price £98.00


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse on a Board.  Guide Price £200.00


A shamrock made from chrysanthemum and sprayed green.

A centre spray completes the piece in white and gold.  Guide Price £88.00

     Shamrock  made from laurel leaves – £65.00

Merchant Navy Flag

This was commisioned specially for someone who was in the merchant navy.

We made it using chrysanthemum, carnations and delphinium and sprayed the main

flag red.  The flag can be made to your requirements.  Guide Price £220.00


An anchor made with white chrysanthemum and a spray of red roses. Woven

cord was used to depict the anchor chain.  Guide Price £190.00


This is made from double chrysanthemums in white and a green and gold spray was added to the design.

Alternative colours are pink or yellow and your choice of spray.  Guide Price £115.00

 Click onto the images to enlarge


This was made using white double chrysanthemums with a centre spray of pink orchids.

Butterflies were added in each corner. Other colours are available.  Price Guide £90.00

Double Star

This was specially designed for our customer on a blank design board measuring 24 x 24 inches.

The stars were cut into the board and filled with pink and yellow chrysanthemums with the background in white.

Guide Price £135.00


This was specially designed using pastel shades rather than bold colours.  Lots of alternative flowers and colours available to your requirements.

Three Hearts…..£

Three hearts on a frame.  Two 15 inch filled hearts and a larger open heart with ribbon banners.  This design can be made in alternative colours.







Made with white chrysanthemums and edged in red ribbon with a centre spray of red roses and white flowers.  Alternative flowers can be used.






Trilby Hat….£95.00






3 Hearts on a stand…..

These hearts were individually designed to the customers specifications and colours.  The blue hearts were sprayed.  Please ask for individual prices and designs.






Boddingtons Ale….£100.00

A beer glass depicting Boddingtons Ale.

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